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Twin Turbo Build Done Right By Hemituner Performance

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Have to start with my thanks and I'm confident I'll leave something important out before I've had my coffee...


A.J. Berge ("hemituner") and his crew at Hemituner Performance

Jimmy at TrueStreet Performance (A.J. and he make amazing partners)

Frank Rehak and his team at the Driveshaft Shop

Jason "rollbar"Hensley at AGP Performance

Andy at East Coast Moparts

Chris Seidle at Seidle Motorsports

Craig at Thitek

my boys Karl Schello (lowwlife), John Burleson (Flyin' Elvis), and Doug Bell (SuperSRT)....you know

many personal friends here that have helped me over the years both on and off the track...MMF rocks!



Rebuild started with a holed motor at the big end of the Texas Mile a year ago.  Tore up and oiled a lot of the car.  Tough call at the time but decided to rebuild.  I'd been at it since 2009 and thought that last one was the final iteration...guess not.  After a lot of deliberation and conversations, A.J. and I agreed she should go to Hemituner Performance and we would build her the best we knew how.  The theme: safety, longevity and serviceability.


The build:

406 C.I. aluminum block from Seidle Motorsports, Thitek heads, AGP turbo kit customized by A.J. and HellBent for my application, Rossler 4L80E, ProTorque converter, Driveshaft Shop 4" aluminum driveshaft, 9" and halfshafts, and the electrical....ripped out and made absolutely unbelievably neat and serviceable by A.J., and tuning by my tuner since 2010 A.J. "hemituner".


Here are a few pics that hopefully tell at least part of the story and the love that went into Old School:


The beginning





Sitting in the diaper and bellypan



I even managed to tear up the steering rack...


She laid down and crossed the mile



My oiled StopTech brakes from 2010 saved my bacon...I highly recommend them.




to be continued....

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Off to A.J. at Hemituner Performance


Entire driveline pulled and the car cleaned up....7-8 quarts goes a long way...whoops







Custom mid-plate....









Now to fit the driveline and turbo system into the given the changes I've made to it over the years...


Notched the frame for the larger turbo housing...really clean





Big arse heavy roll bar I installed when I was tracking her on the turns...not our friend for the turbos




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Nice to see your chubby gal back in action Sam. The carnage on that block. Jeebus. .... you taking lessons from Alan? :)


Seriously, wish you all the best this racing season. Congrats to the team that built her back up.

Be safe eh!



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The car is awesome Sam

Everytime I seen it thru it's build I could tell it was well taken cared of. The attention to detail AJ gave that car was truly beyond my scope of knowledge. I wish you the best in October



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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driveline and turbo system install continued....


























High capacity oil pan modification so I can change my oil this time with the diaper in less than 2-3 hours....lmao




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The rear cradle was showing cracks from all the years of abuse to A.J. invested some TLC to make sure no drama arises from the quarter mile and standing mile beatings....















Buttoning up the driveline and turbo system install to follow....


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Previously my oversized radiator and other beefed up cooling was sitting to far back in the engine bay so belt serviceability was a bear at best.  No longer...




I've been running hard piping for a while so it needed an update for the rebuild given repositioning of some bits...






My old school Corsa exhaust from 2009 modified to fit the system and with some manual cutouts I sent to A.J. should I ever need a little extra at the track...






more to follow....

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I hope Wilson got an appropriate burial. :)


Looks awesome Sam, very happy for you.



Sent from my StarTac using Tapatalk

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Agreed, Kenny! It says a lot about the quality of the build (and builder) when the parts that nobody's ever going to see look just as good as the parts that everybody sees.

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This car was awesome in person.....the build pics are amazing!  Thanks for the glimpse at a real work of art.  Can't wait to see the results in October!

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