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~~2016 Hemi'nsanity Mshs At Milan Presented By Thitek~~

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I'm always tentative to write up a thank you post in fear of forgetting someone, but this time I must because HEMI'nsanity was a HUGE task by our standards.


First of all let me say how heart broken we all are at the tragic loss of our dear friend Bobbi Boatner Kimak during the weekends events. Kenneth Kimak and Bobbi have been with us for years and define what we are all about. Friends and family and good clean racing fun. RIP Bobbi. And Ken, we love you and are here for you during the long haul not just the short term.


Moving our mid season event from Ohio to Detroit seemed like a no brainer after the proposal the local boys from Michigan gave me. All sounded great between the track, cruise, museum, food, weather, support, car show, roadkill, lot etc.... just a bunch of new and good stuff to our series. Wellllllllllll, with that comes a ton of planning and money and scheduling and people and, ya you get the point.


Won't bore you with the details with how much help we had and how happy I am but I will thank some key players.


Julie VanHorn

Brian Brunt

Denise Brunt and her sisters

Craig Thibeau and Heather English

Eskle and Robyn Collier (happy anniversary)

Justin Applegate

Joel Applegate

Chris J Harrigan

Chris Van Houtte

Stell Sav

Andy Wagner

Chris Conner

Ron Schendorf

Bryan McTaggart

Neichaun Mopaarr Tatum

Jenny Bargar

Joe Puglise

Jon herzberger

Pete Seguin

Greg Davies

Christine Sweeney

Rab McLarnon

David Bradshaw

John Burleson

Geoff Bracken

Timothy Wolfe


This doesn't even include the sponsors which is an epic list, best vendors and supporters in the market hands down. What can I say folks, just a massive effort for a total success of a weekend. THANKS TO YOU ALL FOR BEING PART OF THE MODERN STREET HEMI SHOOTOUT. The distance most of you travelled from as far as Arizona and Florida, just amazes me.


If I missed you I am sorry and you know how I feel about you and your support.


See you all at VMP next month!!!!

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