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El Diablo

Addition To The Zoo

Wow. Good for you. Yellow car gone?



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Nope yellow car is still here, will be putting a stock motor back in it soon and sell it more than likely.

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Great choice on the BM Whells and Interior Kenny!!! Sure is a nice new addition to the family that stray kitty!!!  Of course I myself am partial to the Sephia interior & BM Wheels. Congrats and enjoy the ride brother!!! Check out the Black Gorilla Large Seat Lug Nuts from Steve White Motors that I installed along with a set of Mopar Mudflaps and the PowerStop Evolution Sport Z-23 Ceramic Brake Pads-Part# Z23-1405 Frnt & 1053 rear. At only 19 miles the Brembo Dust was driving me crazy and now at 44 miles still no dust but just after a short 5 mile trip to the gas station the dust drove me crazy with those factory Brembo Pads!!! Lastly, you don't want to make each of your kitty's jealous so make sure you spend time with both of them, lol!!!










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Nice car, K.  Let us know how you feel for the performance and ride.


Haven't gotten to drive it much since I picked it up Denis, other than back & forth to doctors office's & hospitals. lol I've been sick as a dog, Monica's dad fell and broke his hip yesterday, niece in the ER this morning, when it rains it pours !


Now for what little I have gotten to drive it, unfriggin real ! My 2010 SRT isn't even in the same league !

On the black key fob, took my Son for a ride, running down the hwy 70 mph and mashed on it and it smoked the tires up to 100 mph and was doing 120mph by the time I looked down at the dash. Really didn't stand on it that hard and wasn't expecting it, can't imagine what it will do on the red fob when the motor is broke in. :) 

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