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Window Auto Down Dead

My driver's window won't pull down to open the door anymore, so the door doesn't shut properly. I'm guessing there is a switch on the door handle to detect if the door will open? I haven't looked into it at SDK yet.


Passenger door works just fine.

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I'm sure you already did this, but if you haven't then disconnect and reconnect the battery. I had the same issue with my 09 SRT8 and once I killed the power from the battery it worked again and never gave me an issue after that. Good luck!

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Battery disconnect for a few hours didn't fix it.  I'll try replacing everything in the car with new parts and if that doesn't work, I'll consider washing it  lol


Seriously though, I'll look at the SM .. probably the door handle switch.

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I found some recalibration tips too. It might be worth a try before you spend any money. Good luck buddy!





Battery Reconnection Procedure (reset DDM, PDM, & SCM's)



Note: This reconnection procedure below may need to be performed anytime the vehicle battery has been disconnected.



DDM = Driver Door Module

PDM = Passenger Door Module

SCM = Steering Control Module





If the vehicle is equipped with the auto-up front window feature, once the battery is reconnected the door module needs to be calibrated. The door module requires calibration anytime the battery or door module has been disconnected for any length of time.


To calibrate, perform the following:

1. Turn the Ignition to the RUN position. Do not start Engine. Wait until all dings, beeps, etc, have stopped.

2. Regardless of current window position, move the driver side front window downward until the window stalls

in the full down position. Allow the window motor to stall for at least 2-4 seconds before releasing the switch.

Note: Monitor the Check Engine Light on the dash as it should start blinking.


3. Move the driver side front window upward until the window stalls in the full up position. Allow the window

motor to stall for at least 2-4 seconds before releasing the switch. Monitor the Check Engine Light should

stop blinking during this time.


4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the passenger side front window.


5. After about 3-4 seconds of completing driver and passenger side door control modules turn ignition key OFF.


6. Verify the windows are properly calibrated by operating the express down and up features on the windows.

Express down is where you hit the unlock on the FOBIK once to unlock the doors and then hit the unlock

button again and HOLD it to allow the windows "express down" feature to work. Releasing the unlock button

anytime during the express down function will halt the windows going down.


7. Repeat this procedure if the calibration failed. If unable to properly calibrate after the second attempt, check

the Drivers Door Module (DDM) and Passengers Door Module (PDM) for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

and correct as required.Smart Window Recalibration Procedure

Symptom: Drivers side "smart window" stopped working and would go all the way up too making it hard to close the door.

Use the remote windows down option on remote.


USING the FOBIK, do the following:


1) Push the unlock once then again and hold it, the windows will go down.

2) Using door window button push/cycle window up button 10 times and down 3 times.


Windows should be recalibrated to open/close properly upon door exit/entry.


Also Note:

These windows have a learn procedure because the drop down feature when the door is opened. Sometimes they need to be retrained if the module looses power.

With the key on and the door shut and window up hold the window switch down all the way till the window bottoms out.


Do not release the button but hold in down for about 2-4 seconds. Then do the opposite for the up part holding the button also at the top.

This should retrain the window controller.

Aug 3, 2011

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