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Bright White R/T

3.55 Or 3.73?

I have a 392 pushing ~680 hp/580 ft-lb to the wheels thru a M6 with the 3.92 LS Getrag.


I run 28x10x17 Hoosier Drag Slicks.


Best 1/4 mile is 11.602 sec at mid/upper 100 teens.....


I can't not spin off the line, so I am wanting to change the rear ratio.


When I do the math, it says 3.55:1 rear gear should put me where I want to be speed-wise, but I am concerned that the ratio is too high and will hurt my ET.


3.55 is 10% higher ratio than 3.92 and 3.73 is 5% higher than 3.92...... which is the better route to go?


3.55 or 3.73?  looking for better launch, bigger top end but not hurt the ET (if that's possible).






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Been there, done, that. Had an 11.2 sec pb quarter. Went with the 3.55 as wanted higher top end speed for standing mile racing. Hated it. Now have 3.73. Have not ran it at the drag stip yet so cannot give you tested results.

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If you are drag racing, I would stay with the 3.92. I don't believe you will pick up enough speed on the big end fast enough to make up for the damage you'll  do at launch. If you are hooking with the 3.92 I would stay there.  We went to the 3.70 because we were maxed out at 185 @ 6500 at the mile trap.  

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