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Mantic Twin Disc Clutch Review


First off Geoff at Mantic is all about customer service answered all questions and followed up with support whenever I needed. I inquired about a clutch for my 09 Challenger SRT 6 speed [Mods Procharged 7 psi, 87mm TB, Kooks LT, Kooks catless mids, Corsa exhaust] and was told they were working on it and a short time later I got a beautiful Mantic twin disc aluminum pressure plate and an aluminum flywheel it looks bad ass and was shipped in a cool brief case.

It comes with a spacer for the throw-out bearing other than that I just had to bolt on flywheel and assemble the clutch assembly. Pretty straight forward did it on jack stands in the garage. Break in period is 500 miles and I could feel the difference during break in and couldn’t wait to get on it. During install I also installed DSS axles and DSS carbon fiber driveshaft. The driveshaft rubbed against the exhaust so I sent it back and it was getting repaired and rebalanced so I haven’t launched it as aggressively as I need to.

Clutch pedal feels slightly more firm than stock which I like and Slight Gear Rattle in neutral but I have noticed that with more miles it seems to get better. Rowing through the gears the RPMs shoot up fast I hit the limiter a few times while trying to get used to it, boost kicks in a lot faster totally a new animal. Only down side to lighter flywheel is starting off on an incline in 1st, not terrible but a little more work. On flat surface just like stock. Flywheel weighs 16 lbs, clutch is 32 lbs …..stock one is 62-65 lbs I believe

I’ll update when I get driveshaft back and can run slicks at track. Can't upload pics sorry

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