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Dynotech Driveshafts Warning

Just a heads up to those who have a dynotech driveshaft in there car. I had one in my car when I had the GForce 9" conversion in my car. It worked fine in that application. We did a back half convertion and ordered a new driveshaft from Dynotech. I made 10 passes on this driveshaft and it broke the u-joint destroying the end of the driveshaft. It had a greasable crossover joint 1330-1350. No one makes a solid crossover joint. When I called Dynotech they were not very helpful. " We can build you another shaft at a discount". I asked. What they would do differently? "Nothing". Then why would this one last any longer than the last one? No answer. I call Frank at DSS. New shaft from DSS is being built.



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It is a slip yoke style shaft. The pinion angle was set at 1.5* at ride height.


I should mention it is a 6 speed manual car running a 29.5*10.5*15 tire.


Luckily the drive shaft loops did there job and nothing else was hurt when it let go.

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 I'm surprised by that lackluster response, as they are an Ametek owned corp. Certainly not a mom-pop shop. 


I worked for Ametek, a far off division, out of engineering school in the mid 90's and customer focus was pounded down your throat daily by the higher ups.


Obviously things have changed. 

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