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6M 2010 Procharged 6.1 Build.. Decisions Decisions.

So. The time has come to start ordering g parts as the last of the nice weather is upon me. New York problems.


New pistons are in the picture for this winters build. Not sure which direction to go. 4032 or 2618. Flat top or dome. It is a nitrous AND boosted car. Fair weather daily.


Currently all stock internals. P1scho @ 9.4 psi meth and a conservative 75shot of happy gas. 614rwhp without spray.

Yeah Yeah I know. Parts are gonna start to break at this point. But, they havent. Borrowed time is better than no time.


Mcleod rxt is also on the list.


My main debate is forged internals. I know it's a half one dozen to the other as far as what should be used. Any suggestions or what not?

I plan on up'ing the boost to <15> psi and going with a progressive 175 shot. Would 2618 dome be the better way to go? Or should I stick with flats.

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I would definitely go with 2618 piston, contact Erik Storms at BFNY, He had a 6.1/392 based stroker motor built for me that would work perfect for your app. 

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