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1992 Duster Tube Chassis With A Twin Turbo Hellcat Motor

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Any progress ?  Do you by chance have any other pic's of the valve covers where you installed the fittings for the vent system ? What size vent hoses are you running ?

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Not yet...this is my project I take my time on. So it will be slow progress. I do expect to have the motor in within the next month and then over to get the Holley dominator, boost controller and traction control all put in and installed. From there we will get the cold and hot side plumbing done. No I don't have any other pics of the valve covers at the moment. They are stock hellcat valvecovers srt here in Houston had modified for a 12an outlet. I have not installed the vent system, that will be one of the last things I do. It will just go to a stage 6 catch can I already have.

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