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New Member. 1250Hp Twin Turbo 2012 Jeep Srt

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Well guys still workin but we have progress. Interior is almost done. And the thiteks are done. We were waiting on a few things. These are the full work thiteks with iconel valves etc. Then custom ported by the tkm guys at demon. Ive also been talking to them about doing a full aluminum stroker with billet crank etc. And bumping my turbos up to either 68/70s or 72mm. The more i get into this thing the more i wanna run an 8 sec quarter. And the wk2 "newer body style" is so heavy I think ill have to bump my power to 2100 hp+ to do that. Im gonna be going with the dss 9 inch for the rear. And still gotta figure out the front. But ill run this setup for a min and see how far into the 9s i can get. But im limited to about 1600 hp on my setup. Good news is ill be able to put my thiteks on the aluminum motor when finished and put my 64/66s on the new track hawk when it comes out and use my 426 on the track hawk as well. So not all will be wasted.

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More progress. Thiteks are on billet straps on. New motor in charge piping and compressor covers and manifold at powdercoat hot side at ceramic coat. Workin on fuel system. Hope to be tuning in a week and a half. Seats are done. They feel great. Keep my ass planted and it feels like a true racing style seat now.

Sorry guys i spent an hour trying to get the pics blown up. Ill have to upload these oics to my computer and try there. My phone is doing it. If anyone wants to blow them up that would be cool










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