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Driveshaft Shop Mshs At The Rock - May 13, 2017

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The Modern Street HEMI Shootout season opener will be at Rockingham Dragway on Saturday May 13th!!!!


We know you'll be itching for more racing after Challengerfest so see you there!!!!




We have the track rented in Friday May 12th also for a full day of testing. Only $50 a car courtesy of A2Speed.



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Race classes:

*Demon Performance – Super Pro (Heads Up)
*ThiTek – Pro (9.50 index)
*True Street Performance – Modified (10.50 index)
*Legmaker Intakes – Super Stock (11.50 index)
*RK Motors- Street (12.50 index)
*High Horse Performance – Hellcat (Heads Up)
*East Coast MoParts – Bracket (dial in)
*Stage 6 Motorsports – King of the Hill (dial in)
RSVP on Facebook: HERE

Prepayment will open soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As I suspected the Rockingham event host hotel holiday inn has sold out our room block and won't release more rooms to us. They do have some rooms left at a higher rate. I reached out to the Quality Inn 3 mins down the road and was able to secure 30 more rooms for our group at the $139 rate. They will hold the rooms for 30 days from now!!!!


Call the quality Inn and say you are part of the Modern Street HEMI Shootout group to book your room. Don't wait!!!!


Quality Inn Rockingham

400 W Broad Ave

Rockingham, NC 28379

(910) 895-0099



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Well we have a lot to catch up on so please read to the end as it's worth it.






New class!!!!


Thanks to Jonz HVAC & Stanley's Performance for bringing this new feature for 2017.


MSHS 2nd Chance Runoff


Basically it's another way to get some prize money in your pocket. We know it's a long expensive trip for most of you to make the events so Jon Deter & Ethan Stanley are going to give you another way to win.


3rd and 4th place finishers in 12.50, 11.50, 10.50 & 9.50 will have a dial in 8th mile runoff for a winner take all $500!!! 8 cars down to 1 in a hot lap frenzy.


Gotta love it. Another example of what the MSHS is all about. Racers helping racers have some fun, thanks guys.




You know sometimes you just have good days and today is just that!! I have been working hard behind the scenes, with help obviously, to get this series to the next level. Had several phone calls and chats brainstorming in an effort to bring on more racers, sponsors, prizes and attractions. WE HAVE SOME BIG PLANS!!!


The best ingredient for this to happen, in my opinion, is to join forces with new partners and sponsors. To start, I am happy to announce that Hall Automotive through Hall Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Virginia Beach, VA have sponsored the series this year.


I know for a fact that several MSHS racers have purchased cars from them and mostly Hellcats. They just treat you right and I know first hand.


Any MSHS racer who purchases a car from Hall will get an additional $500 off of their internet pricing. Your point if contact will be Butch Hora and we will confirm your racer status with them when it's time to buy.




Like I said, its been a good day. We have without a doubt the best sponsors in the business. We have an opportunity in the works and it would require some of our existing sponsors to be gracious to share some of the spotlight. Wouldn't you know it, the sponsors want the series to grow and are just as excited as I am.


Legacy sponsor Stage 6 Motorsports and Harrison Zauke has sponsored us with $1000+ per event for years and they are now taking that cash and creating PAYOUT BONANZA!! The Demon Performance Super Pro Class and Eastcoast Moparts Bracket Class 1st place payout is now $1150 EACH!!! That's right, almost tripled the 1st place prize for bracket and almost doubled the 1st prize for Super Pro.


Thanks to our sponsors for allowing us to grow this series by working together, we are in for a treat.


Lets go people, the PAYOUTS ARE LEGIT, get signed up and make plans for the entire 2017 Modern Street HEMI Shootout season.......... there is more coming :)






Here we go HEMI Drag racing fans!!! Can you say #bad_ass_official and can you say #bad_ass_official KING OF THE HILL??!!?? That's right, the Modern Street HEMI Shootout has gone badass and we are bringing you with us. #bad_ass_official and VanDrake Racing are going full tilt and the King of the Hill CASH PRIZE AT EACH EVENT IS NOW $5000. Yes, 5k, yes you heard me, 5k. You want it, you asked for it, you better bring it as we are now #bad_ass_offcial whether you like it or not. See you May 13th for your first installment of the Driveshaft Shop & Hemituner Performance Modern Street HEMI Shootout, ENOUGH SAID.









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I agree Tony and thanks for the support. Such a milestone for the series and couldn't be more excited to hand someone 5 grand at the podium each event!!!

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We have really pushed the series to the next level with a $15,000 payout and 5 stacks of high society for King of the Hill but the best part!?!?! Any level build has a chance to win big.


Look at these classes and whether you are stock or think you are the next coming of Rob Goss we got a spot for you. Bring it and you gotta be in it to win it!!!!


Heads up 8's all the way to 12.50 index and Bracket.



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Thanks Jack.

I am excited to announce another partnership for the Modern Street HEMI Shootout. Colana Sports Group has provided us with a great opportunity to promote the series and in turn award our racers with vacation packages and getaway prizes!!!


The next 25 racers who pre-register for the Driveshaft Shop Rockingham MSHS event and also the A2Speed pre-event rental (must do both) will be given a CSG Resort Certificate redeemable for a resort stay for two people (lodging only) at any Colana Sports Group Partner Resort.






This is actually a pretty cool deal which varies as to what you get for free based on which property you choose. If you hit up the Colana FAQ it explains what the cert is and I do know that several of the locations do not require you to pay anything beyond taxes to stay for free. THIS IS NOT A TIME SHARE DEAL. Just a sample entry level gift from CSG and MSHS with MUCH BIGGER FULL VACATION PACKAGES TO COME!!!!






Racers that had already pre-registered for both the rental and race will also receive one of these certs. Hope you read all the way to the end, hehe.





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"Racers that had already pre-registered for both the rental and race will also receive one of these certs. Hope you read all the way to the end, hehe."

I did read all the way to the end!


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