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Stuff For Sale And Delivery To Challengerfest 8

Parts for sale , will bring to CF8 if someone wants to buy. mostly stock 5.7 stuff.


Fuel injectors 650 cc flow. From a Magnuson 3.2 6lb kit.

3.2 pulley for Magnuson 6 lb kit

Belt (new) for Magnuson 3.2 pulley and 5,7 stock. also throw a used one in for a spare only

Used fuel pump from a SRT, Never installed but used prior.


This is stock parts off a 2009 5.7 RT all working order but used:

oil pump

water pump

1/2 SRT engine covers SOLD  yahoo sold some stuff....

RT engine cover some customization, not sure anyone would buy this crap...

timing chain


fuel rails w stock injectors



Make a reasonable offer and i will bring to CF8.

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Still available i could deliver one maybe two to CF8 may have to ship the other two if a few folks here don't go to CF. thanks for looking.2016 Hell cat wheels only 500 miles on them. can bring to CF8post-23-0-12024400-1489872953_thumb.jpgpost-23-0-12024400-1489872953_thumb.jpg


 4 wheels off a 2016 hell cat with only 500 miles on them.


 Brass monkeys (optional equipment)

 Please pm your cell and i can text some pics of the flaws, on three wheels.


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6.1 Intake Manifold, w/rails, injectors, bolts, gaskets, and MAP sensor.  I bought it used, and never got around to installing it, and could use the money.  The previous owner said that it had 12k miles (however, I can't verify, as I didn't get it new).  I am looking to get $700 obo.  I can get pictures up in a day or so.


*EDIT* It is still a virgin unit, with no porting.

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(4) Goodyear 245/45/20 $500 - take offs from the 17 Charger, less than 500 miles on them


(4) Goodyear 265/50/20 $250 - take offs from the 15 Jeep GC, less than 30k miles on them, tread measures 7/32 on 2 and 8/32 on other 2...they come with 10/32. Only removed to go taller and wider

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*For Sale & can personally deliver this stuff to CF8*


1)-Set of 4 Factory Forged Alcoas w/less than 50 miles when removed from my 2010 SRT8 Challenger-I was asking $1,200 picked up in Pittsburgh but would deliver them to CF8 & Reduce them to only $1,075 Cash!!!  That's only $262.50 per wheel for a nice forged 20" wheel!!! Someone who's looking to widen 2 and use the other 2 up front should jump on these!!! The wheels are as good as new and even still have the glue residue from where the factory stickers were removed but I'll clean that off, lol!!! ***(PENDING SALE)***


2)-Kenne Bell Black 2.8 Big Bore Supercharger Head Unit Only with less than 500 miles on it!!! Retail was $2,199 & I'm only asking $1,600 or Best Offer!!! It's perfect without as much as one scratch/toolmark or Ding Anywhere!!! Nice to have so your not down & waiting on a Rebuild!!! 


3)-Lunati Custom Ground Blower Cam for the 6.1 or 5.7 Hemi's I have a pic of the Cam Card Specs on my 4 sale Post $375 or Best Offer & whoever buys this will get a FREE 6.1 Aftermarket Timing Chain Set N.I.B.!!!  ***P.S. I have a video of this cam running in my SRT8 Challenger that I can email if anyone's interested in hearing it run cause it has a nice lope to it!!!***


4)-1 Set of 16 NGK OEM PLZTR5A13 Double Platinum Laser Spark Plugs removed from my 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 w/less than 1.000 miles when I supercharged the vehicle. These will fit 05-2010 Dodge Challenger, Magnum & Chargers plus 05-2010 Chrysler 300'S with the 6.1 and retail for $8.68 each totaling $138.08 but I'm discounting them by $5.50 each and only asking $50 cash, they're still like new!!!


5)-Set of 4 SRT8 Kicker Speakers : 2-6x9 Rear Deck Speakers and 2-6&1/2 Front door kick panel speakers, New Take-Offs for only $125 cash.


***Anything else I have 4 sale in my current for sale post I'd be willing to bring to CF8 as well so I'll take requests & offers,thnx again!!! 












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Getrag rear differential, 3.92 gear ratio.  It's a spare I've had in the shop.  Brand new.  SOLD


Coolant Reservoir I think this fits RTs both 6 speed and auto (maybe others ? it's from a 2009).  Would make for a good one to get custom painted for quicker swap out and no down time, which is what I did.  $20


Weld polished 17x4.5 wheels with M&H 28x4.5 racemaster tires.  Here they are on the car.  This is the fronts only.  $900 plus the ride for the pair or can deliver to CF8.  Wheels are clean and polished no nicks.  Tires are good as well no issues.  Hi-PAD version that fits both R/T and SRT models.  Good for about 2/10ths on my car.


$900 for the pair









Can deliver to CF8 obviously.

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I will bring these items only if interested. 


10 lb nitrous bottle, FULL -- $150


SRT8 Subwoofer from Harman Kardon sounds system, fits in spare tire well of trunk -- $50


Hurst Line Lock solenoids -- $40


Cirkit Boss 70207, weatherproof, has 7 circuits (3 hot, 4 ignition) -- $50


A-pillar triple gauge pod -- $100


Electronic fuel pressure gauge -- $50


Pics will be posted soon...

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