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Redo # 2

well long road for this thing.. got it back and installed last night.. man i pray i don't have to do this again.


i did up the motor last yr. forged pistons and rods. cam, springs ect.


well ( guessing my fault ) cylinder 6 was oiling plugs.. i changed intake gaskets and put ever type of sealant on them trying to seal them.. well nothing worked and i got sick of it and decided to pull it out.. the performance shop i took it to.  https://www.karlperformance.com/ 

the machine shop manager allowed me to help in the tear down and rebuilt process.. did it after hours and on saturdays. save me a BOAT LOAD OF CASH.. learned alot in the process. 


well the issues ended up being.. oil control ring jumped and lightly scored the cylinder.. also the valve seals that was sent with the spring kit i purchased was the wrong size and to big.. the retainer springs on top 6 of them popped off various valves.


so we did a hone was able to keep the pistons.. didn't take much to clean it up. new king bearings all thru new seals, lapped the valves.. got to paint the old worn out orange block with some new resale red.


here is a couple videos.. 2 things.. headers suck putting on. and the trans is a bastard.


this is a 6.1 12 lbs. of boost. cam, kooks long tubes mcloud clutch, fadanza alum flywheel.  new drive shaft should be hear next week.






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