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Water Meth Injection Stuff

For those curious, here's a water meth injection setup I did on the supercharged 4Runner.  Picked up a TON of timing and was able to add an add'l 1.5 pounds of boost via smaller pulley.  The TRD supercharger (aka Magnuson) I have on the 4Runner is NON intercooled, so this was a great upgrade.  The 4Runner also can NOT be tuned directly, so you have to manipulate variables that then affect the factory tuning.  Doing this caused the PCM to add about 7 or 8 degrees of timing and I'm now at 11psi of boost :)  Easily 300RWHP and 300RWTQ and a very peppy ride.  


Not sure I'd put this on a car with a proper tune and intercooler, but was a fun, and cheap, project.  Good bang for the buck on this ride.  


This is part 1.  I'll post part 2 next weekend.



4runner_wm_injection_web_09.jpg    4runner_wm_injection_web_14.jpg


4runner_wm_injection_web_07.jpg    4runner_wm_injection_web_18.jpg

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