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Now I Have Two White Srt's

Was going to wrap it, then decided fuck it, painting isn't rocket science, time for plasti dip.


Could have done a better tape job, can still clean it up a bit, but I was done after taking the whole weekend to do it.


All done in matte, did the roof black, and I think the white is balloon white or some shit.









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do you paint houses? :rolleyes:


fuck no, that shit is real work

That looks good



Looks awesome!


thank you

Nice... I think lol


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I have received a ton of compliments on it. I wish the taping quality was a bit better, but I just need to spend some time cleaning up some trim, and it will be good to go.


Probably going to do my sons old Jeep Grand Cherokee, I guarantee I will get better each time. The bonus on his Jeep is I am making him do the taping, should be a great opportunity for him to do some work.

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Damn, and from a spray can.


Technically from a DYC air sprayer, but yea. Totally changed the look for about $200 in paint, and I can peel it off if I get bored with it  :)

lol, a matched set! Cool!


What is really jacked up is my wife's Durango is white with black wheels too....lol

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Plastidip is so easy to spray. Self levels coat after coat. I did my wife's wheels with a rattle can...full of curb rash and they turned out great.


Looks good!

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