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Speedy's Orange Krush SOLD

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I'm putting Orange Krush up for sale.  I was catching up with Lee Brown from Laukemper Motors and happened to start talking Hellcats, and next thing I know he had sold me a Go Mango A8.  He's a damn good salesman lol, but as anyone who's dealt with Lee knows he's straight up to the point and a great car dealer to work with.  That means I need to send Orange Krush to a new home which is bitter sweet as I truly love this car.  


Lee Brown at Laukemper Motors is going to broker the sale for me to allow trades and financing in an effort to make it super easy for anyone who's interested.  I'm happy to answer any questions as well, but you guys have seen this car be built over the years and know it's setup right.  Durable and reliable just like I designed it to be.  


There are no problems whatsoever with the car and it's OCD clean.


Everything is fully documented and all paperwork will come withe the car from the engine build sheets, to wiring diagrams for the gauges that I produced, as well as the original Dodge Brochure that I kept.  


I am putting the stock wheels and stock tires on it as I don't want to sell it to someone with DRs on there and the Hellcat will need those  *ninja*


Car has 26,500 miles on it.  The engine has 18,XXX on it.  Transmission and McLeod RXT clutch around 6,500 miles.  


Fire sale price is $33K.


I won't list everything it has on it as most of you guys are familiar, so I'll just hit the high points.  Full details at www.SpeedysGarage.net obviously.  


600RWHP and 600RWTQ (ish)

Arrington Forged 6.0L 5.7 based VVT stroker - Scat crank, K1 rods, Mahle 2618 pistons - 9:1 compression, ARP studs and bolts, Cometic gaskets.  I run Mobil 1 10W40 oil.

Arrington VVT cam and EPOC valve job

RPM Level VII Tremec TR6060 6 Speed transmission - powder coated case, cryogenic tempering, micro polishing, carbon rings, brass pads

McLeod RXT Clutch

Quick Time custom painted Bell Housing

Baer 6 piston Brake system on all 4 corners with upgraded pads - PHENOMENAL brakes

Fore Dual pump fuel hat with twin GT supercar pumps (SILENT)

Drive Shaft Shop Chromoly Drive Shaft

Drive Shaft Shop Chromoly Level 5 1400HP Axles

Petty's Drive Shaft Loop

Eibach Pro Kit suspension

Barton Shifter with custom shifter knob that includes the line lock button

Hurst Line Lock

Magnaflow Competition exhaust, SRT manifolds and SRT catted mid pipes - passes emissions no problem and DOES NOT DRONE

Dual pillar gauges with Aeroforce and Autometer boost - matching passenger pillar

Raptor Shift Light

Custom Gauge Cluster

Fully detailed engine bay with Billet Tech goodies and custom paint

Predator provided with custom tune by Mike at OST for 93 octane and copies of the original tune from car and the 93 octane tune will be provided as well for backup


A bunch of other custom touches.


The car will go to Lee at Laukemper on Saturday 4/1/2017 .  There may be opportunity to deliver to CF8.  I'd need to check on that if interested.


If you know of anyone looking for a very solid hot rod please pass this a long and gracias in advance.

























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I knew this would be happening sooner rather than later !!!  lol  

I remember all those amazed eyes watching my 2015 Hell Cat Charger racing down the track at CF6 and yours too Speedy.

I guess you couldn't resist anymore once Go Mango came out!


I'm sure anyone buying Orange Krush will just Love it!


Good Luck and I'll see you over there   ;)  or I think over here needs some more Hell Cat Love <3 


Good Luck and Congrats!!


Linda :) 

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Thanks for the support everyone.  Bitter sweet is an understatement, seriously.  Yes Linda, Go Mango has had my attention for some time.  Parked next to one at a Cars and Coffee a while back and I actually like the Go Mango a bit better than Hemi Orange, although the name isn't quite as cool ;)

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lol I have to agree Hemi Orange has HEMI ................Go Mango sounds like Go Nuts :o 



I do like the color a lot. Are you thinking of any striping?


Linda :) 

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Wow!  Like others have said, I doubt there is a more "done right" cleaner car that could be found anywhere.  Someone is going to get a seriously nice (and fast) ride.

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I am going to go out on a limb here but I am guessing you could eat off the floor or engine compartment of this thing.



He use compressed air and Q tips to clean the Maggie,. A more appropriate analogy is you can operate off of the engine and floor. :)



Congrats on the ride J!

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I still say that speedo needle is tad off center Speedy! Now I wonder how much that will effect the purchase price? lmao

GLWTS... I'd buy it if didn't already have one and 2 other fun mobiles. Besides my wife would kill me if brought another hotrod home. Still have few scars from buying the Corvette. lol

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Wow.... hard to believe.... but.... you have been talking Hellcats for awhile.  :) Another automatic eh?  lol

Orange Krush has been a big part of our Hemi community. I have watched ALL of your videos.... some of them MULTIPLE times!  lol

I copied you on many mods.... Maggie.... Innovate... suspension.... gauges.... front spoiler.... steering wheel badge.... Billet Tech stuff.... the list goes on. Your videos are very well done and helped myself and many others. Thank you very much for that Jay. 

One chapter closes.... another new chapter about to begin! :rolleyes: Looking forward to your new ride.... and dare say.... MODS?

If I were to guess.... your new Cat will be up at OST in less than 3 months for some pulleys and tuning! *ninja*

The new owner of Orange Krush will be very lucky to have such a well built ride.


Good luck Jay.

Thanks again!



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Thats one way to get out of a race, :rolleyes:   so you saw my post yesterday that I took down and thought "ain't gonna let an old fart beat me" :D  B)



 Congrats Jay, I can't wait to see the modding videos.


PS why didn't you wait for a Demon???

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wow GLWS Jay.  As others said someone's getting a lot of (immaculately clean) car for the money.  Another rower turns to the guacamole. 

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lol, yeah I need to get a burrito decal made up now I guess LMAO


The tires that were on Orange Krush were a little worn and I didn't feel were the right solution for a new owner, so I will likely use them or some combination on the Hellcat.  Not everyone wants drag radials on their car so I figured going back to stock wheels and tires was the best bet to give the new owner options and safety at delivery.


I priced the car what I felt is very fair.  Basically Hellcat power and excellent durability for half the price and it really is like new clean.  Someone will get a great well documented car for sure.  With Lee's help selling her I think it should do good.  Hope so anyway as I'm eating ramen and bologne until it does so please spread the word to anyone you guys think may be interested  :huh:


Thanks again for the well wishes with the new one.  There will definitely be some new Speedy's Garage content  *ninja*

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