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2006 Charger/2005 Magnum Part Out

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Revised 08-08-17

I need this stuff gone - Make me any reasonable or even an unreasonable offer.

All prices do NOT include shipping unless otherwise indicated.  All parts are off a 2006 Charger and a 2005 Magnum unless otherwise noted.  Do your research to see it parts will interchange if install on other than an 05-10 LX or LC.  I can deliver most any part to any of the MSHS events or will deliver personally up to 50 miles for a fee.I will absorb the Pay Pal  fees except when (PP) is noted.

If interested in a part and need a picture, let me know and I will post pics further down in the thread and some custom items may have pics included. Or pm me your number and I will send by text or e-mail or put in the pm.

  • Moroso electrical disconnect switch. Mounted in an 06-08 charger right rear taillight assembly. Includes 4 gauge cable to fuse box to shut down engine and 1 gauge cable to battery to shut down all electric to auto. $99 shipping to anywhere in the US.
  • Stock front fenders - exc. condition $125 pair (reduced) (Will not ship. Pickup or delivery to an MSHS event only.)
  • Radiator core support - perfect condition  $99
  • Kolossal Kable 0 gauge, Perfect for powering your monster stereo, hydraulics, or use as the primary battery cable from the rear of the car. 18.5 ft of cable and two ends. New Condition. Retail is 3.50/ft.   $45 shipped
  • Alternator - $55 shipped
  • Stock pushrods - $49 shipped
  • 2 stock rocker shafts - exc condition - $99 shipped
  • Hood hinges - pair - $29 shipped
  • Trunk Hinges - pair - $29 shipped
  • Trunk gas lift struts - Mopar exc. shape $29 shipped
  • Power adjustable fuel pedal assembly - $50 shipped
  • Power adjustable Brake pedal assembly - $50 shipped
  • Emergency brake pedal assembly - $65 shipped
  • All 4 speakers from a 2005 Magnum, perfect condition - $49 shipped
  • Rear brake calipers, pads and hoses - $64 shipped
  • Steering rack with tie rods ends (Will not ship. Pickup or delivery to an MSHS event only.) $75
  • RT Radiator (Will not ship. Pickup or delivery to an MSHS event only.) $75
  • Complete Steering Column, perfect condition $85
  • Adjustable Brake Pedal Assy - $65 shipped  Price Reduced !
  • Adjustable Fuel Pedal Assembly - $65 shipped  Price Reduced !
  • Stock Throttle Body $55 shipped
  • Emergency Brake Pedal Assembly - $65 shipped  Price Reduced !
  • Headlight Switch and dimmer assembly - $27 shipped
  • Shifter assembly including trans cable. A must if you are building a restomod, as well as the ignition switch and cable lock. - $118 shipped
  • Complete front core support in perfect condition.
  • More to be added soon !








Tailight shut off 3.jpg

Tailight shut off 4.jpg



Kolosus Flex Cable 1.jpg


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Yes, they are, but the tube extensions were removed so standard plug wires could be used.  I have all of them so not a big deal to put back to original form (they just pull off and push back on.

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On 5/24/2017 at 8:27 PM, sprayed_rt said:

What size fuel cell is that and is the magnafuel pump e85 compatible?

It is a 5 gallon cell,   The pump is fully anodized and e85 compatible.    Will support 1500 hp on gas and well over 1000+hp on e85.  Everything is here for a complete installation. at 1/2 the price and all is like new.  I also have a fuel regulator already plumbed for aftermarket fuel rails -8an  to control pump line pressure -  $125

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On 5/19/2017 at 8:11 PM, BuckeyeGuy said:

Yep. they are like new.  You want the plug wires as well?  Make me an offer.


i honestly dont know what to offer.  100 plus shipping?

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On 5/26/2017 at 6:33 AM, sprayed_rt said:

The cell is a bit too small considering I still street my car. Are you willing to part ways with everything else minus the cell?

Sent you a PM....

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