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Help with P0740 torque converter solenoid

I'm getting a P0740 DTC. I have a Street Edge 2800 stall converter and a Super Street stage 2 vlvbody. Had this code for a couple of weeks now so I haven't been driving much. Just to do diagnostics. Won't shift out of 3rd once the code pops also got P0735 today. Can anyone point me in an direction?


2012 Dodge Durango

Forged 5.7

2.9 Whipple






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A P0740 code generally appears when the the ECM doesn't see the torque converter lockup clutch locking when it wants it to. Problems with this are usually electrical faults or bad TCC solenoids.  

a P0735 is a gear ratio incorrect code for 5th gear. Line pressure problems become more noticeable on direct drive and overdrive gears because of the added strain. Any slippage of the gear will result in the incorrect ratio codes. Fluid pressure problems would also explain the lack of TCC lockup. 

All this combined leads me to believe you've got a problem with your valve body. 

Without having the vehicle to do some tests, that's about as far as I can venture out without speculation. I'd be taking a trip back to where the VB was installed, unless you did it yourself, but I'd be talking to the VB manufacturer for sure. 


Best of luck. 

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