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Got the win!

Proof that every once in a while even a blind hog finds an acorn.
Very hot and humid all day, by the time this picture was taken I was wiped out and not looking forward to a 75 minute drive home, 2 hrs of sleep and a full days work on Sunday.




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1 hour ago, CruzKing said:

you look like the dog dragged you 1/4 mile.:rolleyes:

At 5pm it was 99 degrees and 50% humidity.  At the end of the night it was about 85 and humidity was 70%.

We went through a lot of water that night.

I won enough $$ to pay for racing through August though, so it was worth it.

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10 minutes ago, no1special said:

Very cool!! You looked beat!!!!

Worst part was I had to get up Sunday morning at 3:30am and work from 5am-1pm.  Then I was REALLY beat!

I'm getting to old for that kind of stuff!


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