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Wheels up!

Loosened rear shocks almost all the way down and it stays on the tire enough now to hook on a well prepped track:

I'm going to try 2 degrees more pinion angle (downward) next time and see if it will hook when the track is not prepped so good.

I don't want to bring the front up any more though, I feel I will be losing E.T. if it comes up any higher.


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Needed to get down to 2 cars. The Vette stays. The Caddy was bleeding depreciation by the gallon. So, I stripped the Fat Lady down to her underwear and moved on.

Don't have to do a dam thing to this car. Ton of options, sounds great and runs like stink.

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5 hours ago, Blue Blur said:

Did you loosen rebound? Doesnt really matter if it helped it hook if it wasnt! Slow mo video at the hit is a HUGE help FYI.

Yes I loosened rebound. We use slo mo video from cell phone camera.

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