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Where were these type of teachers when I was young?




A PRIMARY school teacher who used her purple “muscle car” to pick up a 14-year-old lad for quickie sex has been jailed.

Christina Albini, 43, seduced her former pupil with nude selfies that she sent to a secret phone she had bought him.


She picked the youngster up in a purple Dodge Challenger. File picture

She picked the youngster up for quickies in a purple Dodge Challenger (file picture)

The raunchy naked photos taken after a yoga class led to her downfall when they were found by his horrified mum.

Albini told a court in Ontario, Canada: “I want to apologise to the public, my co-workers, teachers.”

She was locked up for a year after pleading guilty to sexual interference with a person under 16 years of age.

The disgraced Miss will be on three years’ probation after her release and must register as a sex offender for 20 years.

She is also banned from contacting the boy or his family.

The lad told investigators Albini would pick him up around the corner from his house in her Dodge Challenger.

She promised to “be quick and have him back before his mother gets home,” prosecutor Eric Costaris told an earlier hearing.


At first the teen saw Albini as a “mother figure” when she befriended him in July 2015, when he was 13.

But then they professed their love for each other and swapped sexually explicit messages and nude selfies.

Their first illicit sexual encounter was at her home in South Windsor in February 2016.

She was arrested five months later in July after his stunned mum found his phone with sexually explicit messages sent through the WhatsApp and Kik messaging apps.

Albini, who taught at Christ the King Catholic Elementary School, was simply “Chris” in the messages.

She mentioned going to yoga in one – and sent naked snaps of herself from the studio.

Cops also found receipts for presents Albini bought for the youngster, including the phone, an Xbox, a bracelet and clothes.


Prosecutors had wanted Albini to be jailed for a 18 months rather than 12.

Her lawyer Patrick Ducharme told the court: “She’s frightened to go to jail.

“But it’s the type of crime that the government insisted is serious enough that people have to go to jail and she accepts that.”

He said her “truly meaningful guilty plea” spared the student from the trauma of a prolonged trial.

Other charges, including possessing and accessing child abuse images and making sexually explicit material available to a child under 16 were dropped.

Albini still held a teaching licence until April when it was suspended by the Ontario College of Teachers for nonpayment of fees.

The college, the regulating body for teachers in the province, is expected to launch a disciplinary case against her.

In April we reported a kindergarten teacher was accused of bedding four teenagers.

Heather Robertson, 28, reportedly had a threesome with a pair of them after inviting them to her home.


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