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Ideal cam for a 426 turbo build?

So I'm currently in the process of switching builds.

Dropping compression down to 10:1 on e98.

I'm planning on doing a promod 88 front mount setup on my Charger. With maybe a 100shot through my direct port setup if needed. I currently have 3.06 gears and 3400 stall.


I was just looking for some suggestions on either a in house or custom grind cam that would be best suitable for my car.

I street the car, more then track. So I'm sure their will be rolls involved just as much as dig racing.b86a21e1c1c4270999f998fcdabc9c21.jpg


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You need to call a cam manufacturer. I would NOT get advice on a build like that from alleged forum experts. lol  you need to know displacement among other things. 

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Here's as good as your forum advice gets


6.1- 236-238 intake and exhaust at 50, .600 lift intake, 570 exhaust. 116 lobe seperation

426- mid 240s intake and exhaust, 620 lift intake and 570 exhaust. Also on a 116 lobe seperation. That will carry you to 7k rpm strongly.

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