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Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra

I had always avoided clear bras because they seemed to be very noticeable and even yellow over time.  However, I wanted to try to keep the rock chips to a minimum on Go Man Go, so I started reading up on them and found a local guy who really seemed to know his stuff and assured me that new products solved both problems and he recommended and used Xpel Ultimate.  I decided to give it a whirl.  If your local, this guy is the shizzle.  The install is perfect and you guys know how OCD I am.  It is flat out invisible.  The installer uses only machine cut templates that exactly match the vehicle, and he surgically trimmed around the stripes so you can not tell where they meet.  Same for the hood vent.  Glad modern materials have solved the old problems.  Now I don't have to worry about rock chips like I've had in the past.

If you want to have this done, here are things I learned that make it much more invisible:

1.  Machine Cut Templates ONLY - matches the car and you don't have someone trying to cut the material on the car to match

2.  Wrapped edges (more protection and hides the edge)

3.  No 3M.  I'm told 3M has an orange peel look to it and is real thick which makes the line more visible

4.  Make sure they know what they're doing on any trimming - my guy never actually cut the material, he used a scoring technique that allowed the material to break along an edge so scratching the paint was never a risk.  

I'm probably gonna have him come back and do a GTECHNIQ ceramic coating on the car.  He told me a little about it while he was at the shop, and I did some reading.  It'll bond with the paint and lasts 7 or so years, no waxing, no bird poop damage, and you can practically hose it off to get it clean it's so slick.  


The material is installed in this picture:





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Very coo!  The guy I have detail Gossamer has started doing a similar technicaue only he wraps the entire vehicle, not just the nose.  He had given me a brochure on it it  I do not remember the name.  I do not rember it being 3M.


He uses a glass coat product called 22pple.  I don't think the Gtechniq was out at that time as it has been 6+ years.  The 22 pple does have to be reapplied every 3 years or so but we do not have a garage and the air pollution living so near the river does a number on paint.  The great thing about the glass and ceramic coatings are no more taping rear quarter panels at the track.  A light wash and dry with a microfiber towel and all that rubber comes right off, no scrubbing required.  Same for love bugs on the front grill.  Water beads up nicely.  Makes the car really easy to wash.  He also has a product that he uses to coat the inside rim of the wheels so brake dust does not stick as easily.  Chuck fusses a little at the cost, until he sees the car.  Then he is like "Oh yeah, that is why I let you talk me in to this" It just looks so good, better than when he drove it home from the dealer.  


Chris also had his car ceramic coated but I do not remember what product was used.  


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Yep, this guy offers full car coverage on the Xpel clear bra (if you can afford it $$$$).  He told me the material alone is like $1800 a roll and it only covers a few yards.  


The ceramic coating "stuff" comes in two or three grades....he has a 3 year and a 5 year but said for the price difference you're better off just doing the full 7 year stuff which he claims lasts practically forever on a garage kept vehicle like mine.  I'm gonna contact him this week to get scheduled.....being able to just hose off the bugs and rubber on the rear quarters is enough for the price of admission.  I believe the 7 year stuff package includes the wheels.

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