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8HP70 trans won't shift 1-2 on nitrous.

Hi guys. I've got a ram 1500 5.7 8 speed with bolt ons and nitrous. I was having a problem when I turned the nitrous up where it wouldn't shift the 1-2. It would blow past the shift and hit the limiter and go into limp mode. 

Now I have tuned the transmission with HP tuners, all shifts are firm and quick when NA. On the bottle, once again, no 1-2 shift. It no longer hits limp mode due to me raising the rev limit in the TCM. But it will ride the engine limiter at 6400 and stay there until I pedal it. It is not spinning when this occurs. I tried adjusting everything I could think of in the trans tune to no avail. In the end, I had to turn the nitrous controller down to just 40% off the line to get it to shift. 


Anyone have any experience with the 8 speed tuning? Any power adder 8 speeds having trouble? 

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