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Need advice for "The next step." Stroker or ProCharger

We are thinking about doing something with my dad's 2007 300C SRT8.  


It runs and drives absolutely great and put down 400 at the wheels a few months ago. There's probably another 20hp available above 4500rpm if we got the tune dialed in better (it's a little rich). It has ported heads, a cam from Stu at Inertia, ported intake, 3.55 gears in a Getrag, my Jeep torque convertor, a Stage II valve body, stock exhaust manifolds/magnaflow midpipe/Corsa exhaust.  It has good power down low. We are looking for more power now particularly past 4500rpm.


We like the idea of a stroker but know that's limited to 500-550rwhp. We like the idea of a ProCharger but have a lot of questions. Why does everyone suggest a D-1 over a P-1? I keep hearing "room to grow," and understand that but why would anyone get a P-1? Is there any advantage of the P-1? How are the ProChargers for drivability? Do they transition to boost smoother than a pd blower? Is there anyway around a loud blowoff noise? 


A Hellcat Charger might be in his future but we want to explore our options.



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aP1 to D1 is night and day. I am no expert, but I am pretty sure the D1 has no issues up to 15 psi, the P1, not so much.

Having had a P1, D1 and now a 6.1 based 426 I have a bit of experience. The D1 at 12 psi was fucking awesome, drive ability was fine, however smashing the throttle at 55 to 90 depending on the weather it was a smoke show, but fun as fuck. The big red race valve was part of the fun and the looks on peoples faces was priceless.

I would most likely be still running a D1 but I had other issues and just needed to change directions.

My 426 is maybe 500 to 525 at the wheels and in good DA runs 11.5. It is actually a shit ton of fun to drive and still pretty quick. Add the 150 shot and it ran 10.77 at Challengerfest back in April.

If I had to pick which one, it would probably be the D1 just for the extra power and you can pretty much fuck with anyone.

But the 426 is plenty quick and I don't need a rollbar at the track.


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I have some Procharger experience from my mustang days. The P-1 and D-1 share the same housing but different impeller design. The D-1 has the potential to provide more boost at a lower RPM and carry that boost into the higher rpms. You can have the P-1 upgraded to the "newer" impeller design but it is much cheaper to just purchase the D-1 upfront ( IIRC $1k to upgrade and only around $300-400 difference in kit cost ). The P-1 will be close to maxed out with a stock bottom end with aftermarket/ported heads and intake especially with aggressive cam design. 

Drivability on the Procharger will depend on your cam and tuning. The more aggressive the cam the more intense surge in power you will get when in the operational range of the cam. On stock or closer to stock specs, the power is very linear and comes on smoothly as the rpms increase. 

Personally I'd pick a smaller motor with a Procharger over a big cam stroker, especially daily driven.

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Thanks.  I learned a lot over the last couple days.  I just got off the phone with Drew at ProCharger and this is what he told me.

1. The D-1X is more efficient at higher rpms and really starts to get in its zone after 5000rpm. It gives up a little in the midrange. For a lightweight car like the corvette that revs to 7000+rpm this is great. For a heavy car that revs to 6300rpm, the D-1SC is probably the headunit to have.

2. If there are helical gears in the headunit, the serial number will be followed by "-H."

3. The quietest blowoff valve is the standard one that comes with the kit called the Proflow and that's because you can put a filter on it to muffle it a little.

4. At some point in time, usually around 650-700hp (different for all setups), you have to go with a red race valve to release the volume of air you're producing. There are two versions of the red race valve. An open port design and a enclosed version that has a port that a hose can be attached to. Possibly allowing you to redirect the air and noise.

5. There is little information on the "Race Intercooler." It's a $375 upgrade but since it's not a true bolt on, he didn't know if it would fit. I have to find pictures of this thing and see if it will fit on a 2007 300C.

6. All my drivability and streetability questions are tune dependent (which I already kind of knew).



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