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Ceramic coating installed

When I had the installer come do Xpel clear protective film on the Hellcat, he highly recommended I consider a ceramic coating as well. 

Xpel thread/video here:  

I decided to have him come back out after several friends also recommended the ceramic and swear by its ability to make the car so much easier to clean up.

It's impressive stuff for sure. The installer cleaned the car, did a quick paint correction to insure no swirls or imperfections were sealed in, and installed the ceramic. The car had a decent shine to it before, but it was crazy watching it buff to a very high gloss like a just waxed vehicle has. It's super slick to the touch and water just falls off. Went right over the stripes, Xpel PPF, and trim. I asked him the difference between the pro stuff and the consumer, and he said the consumer version is a heavily "watered down" product. The pro stuff can flash cure if it hits any water spots, and if you don't buff it properly will harden and leave marks that take a high level of polishing with a cutting compound to correct, and sometimes even wet sanding if bad enough and the companies producing it don't want the liability so to get the pro stuff you have to go through training and get accredited. Sounds reasonable to me, but just repeating what he told me. He did hit a small water spot by the back bumper where water hid under the panel lip. He did get out his polisher to correct it and reapply a bit of product.


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20 hours ago, Goehner said:

That stuff seems pretty cool. Did they put it right on the stripes too?

Yep, right over the stripes.  Just added a very subtle sheen and deepened the black a bit.

9 hours ago, MiHiHemi said:

I have a friend with a ceramic coat and she still gets water spots if rained on and not immediately wiped off.  How's your experience been?  

Mine seems to shed water no problem, but I avoid rain.

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On average, how much do they charge to do a challenger ?


700-1000 pending how and where

They wanted 750 in my town to do it but that is buffing which I told them they don’t need to do that to mine



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I’m getting ready to add the x-Pel to the nose, hood, rockers, and Qtr panels. Shit is pretty crazy expensive, but I think it’s worth it. After that it’ll get the ceramic coating and tint. I guess I didn’t realize that it was all precut and not just applied from a roll. 


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