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2.9L Whipple Gen 3

Not sure if you guys have heard, but Whipple is now taking orders for their Gen 3 2.9L superchargers.  It's a $200 upgrade if buying a new kit.  It'll cost you $3900 if you want to buy a new head unit to replace your Gen 2.

I've been doing a lot of research on this and there simply isn't enough data out there yet, but it looks like it's not worth the upgrade for guys who are already running a Gen 2 unless you're out of pulley or maxed out on rotor speed.

If anyone knows anybody thinking about getting a new Whipple kit, I would give them $1500 (+$200 for the cost of the upgrade) if they would swap me their Gen 3 head unit for my Gen 2 head unit.  Spread the word please.  My head unit has a couple hundred miles on it at best.





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1 hour ago, Ivoidwarranties said:

No different than ProCharger adding a charge for upgrading from the D-1SC to the D-1X.

Your absolutely right, and after doing a little research of my own, it's apparently not a slight improvement but rather quite a nice option....well the Procharger at least has demonstrated a good return on investment, but nothing for the Whipple yet, though I assume to mirror. It's more a business decision to bolster both sales of current kits and upgraded ones as well. I imagine the older kits will be phased out as stock decreases and the new kit will replace maybe even dropping in cost to match previous kits.

If ordering new Id definitely purchase the upgraded kit for the $200,  but I would definitely have to research if it was worth swapping a current older style for the new.

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Since the Whipples haven't even shipped yet there's not enough information out there to say one way or the other.  That claim of 30 - 150 more horsepower is a bit much.  After talking to a few of the shops doing the testing, it's probably closer to 30-100hp more.  And as for the D-1X, I talked to two different guys at ProCharger last week about a kit for a 2007 300C.  They both advised against it for a street car claiming it was designed for racing and, "light weight and high rpm cars.  Like a Corvette running to 7000rpm."  Their words not mine.  They suggested the D-1SC as the power is available sooner Where the D-1X really doesn't start coming into it's own until after 5000rpm.



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