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need some expert advise.

Ok the guys who know how to win class races please help.:(

I did the hellcat short block update with an increase in boost  and got a PB 10.92 et. I'm in the 11.50 class (SS) in the upcoming Atco race, I need to slow the car down. It was still with the street tune and not the race tune. I tried to slow down and still  broke out out with a 11.4X., next try(TNT) 12 .1X.  . so driver control doesn't work.

I know some folks adjust their tune for situations like this , i have no clue , i have a trinity and never messed with adjustments on my custom tunes.. 

Any help would be appreciated . if not a post please PM me .

OH i'm still going to try for a PB with the race tune if Atco has unleaded race gas in TNT only,  VMP was out of unleaded 110.

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well there are some  fat girls folks around here in nc/sc  but i don't have another helmet:P.  hoping there was a tune solution ... like reducing  timing with the trinity.

Hey more importantly , hope you are well in the zone.  see y'all in a few months. gregoryB)


 oh shit ... already got a PM about being a sexiest.  Well i'm pretty much not a PC type of guy so  fuck you . Just sayin.:rolleyes: and kidding.

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Are you shifting manually or letting the car do it?  Lower your shift point until you hit your number.

Then keep an eye on the weather and adjust accordingly.

Cut a good light and give it a rip or 2 before the stripe if you are way ahead to keep from breaking out.

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