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SRT Brembo install on RT

So with my new found power I'd like to upgrade the brakes, it sucks going fast and not being able to slow down! Yeah it would be nice to score a big brake kit from Baer but I'm on a budget here! 

So I was thinking of trying to find a wrecked SRT for donor brakes. I'll buy some aftermarket rotors and pads, also upgrade to SS brake lines...

my questions;

1) my RT is a 2013, do I need to source a 392 brake kit or can I do the 6.1..which would be more or if compatible 

2) What all do I need to get to make the swap, can I just do calipers and bolt on and go? Spindles, knuckles?

3) While I'm jerking stuff off, of possible would it be beneficial to grab the front and rear sway bars ( if a scat pak, how about the shocks and springs?) 

**I know my aftermarket wheels will clear, already checked that out! I've already found a few donors but it would seem they are coated in gold, in other words it may be more cost effective to invest in a big brake kit...people want a lot of jack for wrecked, dogged SRTs and Scats...so I may end up just buying SS line and better pads, calling it a day until I can fund a serious kit.

***With that said, I'll say from what I can tell the stock brakes aren't bad, are they AMG brakes? Or Mercedes provided at least?

Come on Dodge, the SS Camaro comes with Brembos and so does the Mustang GT! Why is the RT the red headed stepchild of Mopars line up? Motor Trend didn't even do a review on a regular RT, it's always a Scat or SRT...oh yeah, it can't compete with the others...well not stock!!

**My plans for increasing handling is front strut brace, and full length subframe connectors. Going to hold off on lowering springs until I'm sure I can find some that don't effect ride quality and gaff up steering angles ( wear out tires ). Coil overs, from what I've heard repeatedly decrease ride quality a lot and also make a lot of noise...anyone have first hand want to voice thier experience...please!

Thanks in advance for the info!

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