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Race wheel setup for Go Man Go (Plasti Dip)

Took a queue from Alan and tried out some Plasti Dip.  It did good enough for a race wheel setup and $24 investment.  I may end up having the rears powder coated depending on how well the Plasti Dip holds up, but I needed something quick and this did the trick.


I had a lot of success with a Weld wheel setup on Orange Krush. The 17" fronts wouldn't fit over the Hellcat brakes, so I switched over to some Racestar Darks in an 18x5 with a M&H front runner in a 4.5/28-18.

Right out the gate I ran these times with this setup. Last pass was even a hotlap immediately after the second. I think the second pass (10.52) could have been a 10.4x but I got 4° of STKR for some strange reason, maybe hit a bump in the track or something and set off the sensors.

I've got some video of the runs I'll post up this weekend.

This go a round I went with a gloss black on the Racestar. I've grown tired of keeping the polished wheels polished and wanted something lower maintenance. I also think the black looks better with the Go Man Go and stripes. That meant I needed to change the color of the 17x10 rear Welds with Hoosier 28x10 slicks to match. I decided to give Plasti Dip a try and it is close enough for a race setup. We'll see how well it holds up to track use. At $24 for the product and an afternoon to apply it, a cheap experiment. Besides, now I'm not the only automotive channel on YoutTube without a Plasti Dip video lol

I used the Plasti Dip glossifier product over top to make them shine like the Racestars, and it did "OK" but I honestly preferred the flat look better. It wasn't as shiny as I expected, and definitely not like a normal clear coat.

This setup saves CONSIDERABLE weight over the stock wheels and tires. I show the weights of each in the video.



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