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Trinity T2

Seen this on the other forum. I like the new style and it doesn't look as cheap to me...but one thing that bothers me, you have to use their  AFR sensors now and you can't adapt to use your current ones, that's seriously sucks. Also have to let them transfer your tunes from the OG to this one if you "upgrade". Oh and there are 3 different models now; 1) Only monitors, 2) Only box tunes no custom 3) Does it all ( Platnium) 

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12 minutes ago, us1champ said:

I do like that mike said in the future u will be able to log a/f using the odb 2 port but that isn’t ready yet

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I seen that too, wonder how accurate it would be from that point. I thought there was a considerable delay reading from the  ODB.

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