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6.1L E-Force Supercharger Kit and Nitrous Outlet Kit De-mod Sale!

Back for sale! Buyer backed out last second do to loss of job.

Well time has come to change directions *again*. BFNY Performance in Cleveland, OH has done most of the work especially for the supercharger install. The ugly nitrous install was done by me but it was 100% functional and that is all I cared about. As for the parts:

Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger (kit #1536) - this complete kit comes with a lot of extra goodies:
- 3.8" original pulley, 3.4", 3.0", 2.75", 2.625"). 
- LMI fenderwell intake (don't waste your time with the airbox that comes with the kit)
- 7.5" drive pulley standard and I also have an 8" pulley to either help with belt slip or spin the blower faster
- I also used a Frozen Boost type 101 heat exchanger in series with the edelbrock heat exchanger. This made a big difference with lowering IAT temps at the top of pulls.
- the snout had to be machined along with the 2.625" pulley to get it to fit. 
I'm looking for $5,250 plus shipping.
****I'll toss in my ID850 injectors for ***update*** for free.

Next up is a Nitrous Outlet Kit - this originally started as a 6.4L hemi plate setup that I made work with the e-force. 10lb bottle, -4AN purge kit, nitrous gauge on the bottle. The goodies I have added to the kit:
- 85mm plate and 90mm plate (90 mm plate design is the 6.1L nitrous/fuel ports)
- dynotune automatic bottle heater (works off the bottle pressure feed with a hobbs switch) very nice heater and got the bottle up to pressure quickly
- dynotune digital pressure gauge for a pillar pod
- additional arming switches, push button in series with a wot pedal switch, etc.
Everything added to the 6.4L plate kit adds up to well over $1,800 into this. I'm asking $1,100 plus shipping.

I'll take take $6100 plus shipping if you take everything.

Make an offer on this stuff.


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