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Hellcat cam in 5.7

who knows, my 6.1 cam in a 5.7 sucked sooo much, 3 months later it was out.


 edit: it had a very nice lope, and good top end hp numbers on the dyno. but sucked below 3500 rpm's is where i drive most of the time, except track. it was so bad below 3500 rpm's that even at the track i did worse than stock cam.


 do it and let us know how it turns out.  If it wasn't for AJ at Arington, i would say it was a loss of $1000, but AJ made it a win win taking it back out.

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You probably had an MMX camshaft, Greg.....I heard they sucked and I heard their 5.7 was ground for the Hellcat application and was tried out on some Hellcats and they actually lost HP.

When removed their Hellcats ran better ET's

This one is on John's Top Cat's Hellcat!



Linda :)

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There’s no doubt the HC cam is a good blower cam, but haven’t heard anyone trying it in a 5.7, with that said cost vs gain, personally don’t see it worth doing the cam...why not just wait until you forge the bottom end then add the cam at the same time, saving $ and guesses. Food for thought 

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