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Thoughts on mods

I’ve made it to the point that if I want to go faster, it’s where it’s going to start costing a lot more money. 

Should I supercharge my 2012 R/T 5.7L or upgrade to a new T/A 6.4L? The Hellcat is out of the question because of insurance. 

If I supercharge it, which brand should I look at? Injected Engineering in Kennesaw, Ga recommended a centrifugal ProCharger at $11,000 installed. 


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The meat and potatoes of the decision, how long will the T/A keep you happy? If like most, about as long as your R/T did. Same goes for the blower, but then you build the motor then you have a blower and a 392 if you want....meat and potatoes....how much power is it going to take to keep you happy for the long haul? How fast you want to go? How much you willing ( or capable) to spend. 

If you go T/A and it’s not enough then your back to posting about supercharging it in the future. See my point? Got to try and answer those questions as honestly as possible. I knew if I couldn’t get a HC, then I need to keep and build the RT...I was ( am ) completely happy with the car other than the power, so in went the blower now the motor...and the wheels on the short bus go round and round!!

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The 5.7 is the best for supercharging of the Hemi's, they seem to last the longest. Make sure Injected knows what they are doing, get some references from other guys with the same setup that went there and talk to them.

The new cars are quite a bit advanced from a technology standpoint, and the 8 speed is killer. However, the 392 is not a lover of boost.

If I was sitting in your shoes and wasn't going Hellcat, cause I sure as fuck would, then I would probably upgrade to the T/A.

Sitting in my shoes, with all the cash i have in my car, I am keeping it til I die.

Good luck.

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Your car if bought new should be paid off by now and you know if it’s a lemon or a good car for you. Do you want a payment again? It’s not worth that much. Do you have $11000? Do you like the way pro charger sounds?
Answer those questions and I’ll line up with you at cf10 in your 2012 s/c r/t
Your retired now.
You know that’s all you want. A car to have fun in. And it’s already in the garage.

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here is my thoughts.

2009 challenger rt,  every year since i bought it i have had a new personal best.

started stock 14.12 et 2010.

now 10.85 et 2018


its been fun getting pb's every year and making changes/upgrades every year, so i don't have the same car from year to year.

 if i bought a hellcat in 2009(if they were available) i would be soooo bored by now.:(

good luck.

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