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**Modern Street Half-Mile Shootout June 1-2, 2019**

Please read!

Some of you have seen me slowly create this new Facebook page and event Modern Street Half-Mile Shootout. I was going to wait and talk more about this when I had a web page and logo set up but I couldn't wait and here is why.

Ever since Benjamin Vanhook (VanDrake Racing) got me to run my car at a wannagofast 1/2 mile event, Ive been itching to do it again. Well ya why not do it and bring my friends too!!! I searched around for venues and airports to host an event. A lot harder than I thought, even with my FAA inside status. Luckily Infinite-Speed was just getting started and I reached out with great success. They are all in.

So knowing me, I need to do this different. The facility and racing side will be very similar to all 1/2 mile events, pure adrenaline. As of now we are locked in as our own event open to the public of course, with the likelyhood we do 2 days. This is what we are doing different.

Demon Performance and VanDrake Racing have title sponsored the venture! What that does is this:

**Any racer that has ever competed in a Modern Street HEMI Shootout drag racing event will be given a code and allowed to race day 1 of the Half-Mile event for FREE!!!!!!! Open to the first 50 that sign up once tickets go live. Early announcement gives potential new racers a heads up to run in an MSHS event between now and June 1 2019 to earn a code. Lots of time to plan.**

TRUST ME FOLKS, HALF-MILE RACING IS AN ABSOLUTE THRILL YOU MUST TRY!!!! More info will be posted to include registration info soon. Mark your calendars now!


25222 Enochsburg Road,
Batesville, Indiana 47006

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cool, i'm in, will hook up with the children/grandchildren in Columbus.

Dan, what is needed as far as equipment, tires, street or DR's and skinnies. this would be a first for me. thanks Dan for the new stuff next year..... SGMP and the 1/2 mile.:rolleyes:

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Those of you looking to cash in on the free entry for this event by attending a Modern Street HEMI Shootout drag racing event, here is our 2018 schedule link plus we've announced the following for 2019:

Legmaker Intakes, LLC MSHS at South Georgia Motorsports Park - March 2, 2019

Stanley's Performance MSHS at Rockingham Dragway- May 4, 2019 


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