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weather man drew a red line thru my house.

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Greg’s almost back online

Gas elec. water is on but no phone or internet
no cold beer

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Awesome to hear thank you for the update!

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Glad to say everything is all good in Calabash NC, got to take a shower today, got beer/wine, elec, phone, internet, and the home is in one piece.

our community had some flooding but only the roads and yards, lots of trees down. No power for 3 days. There is even gas.


I had planned to go to a hotel inland 80 miles, glad we didn't(last minute decision) cuz right now the city is flooded and cut off, roads from there are flooded and flooding even more, trees down for 80 miles. Best estimate is 1 to 2 weeks to be able to drive from  there back home.

 We missed most of the destruction as for 48 hours we were in the eye of the storm, by the time it moved from here it was a tropical depression with only 50 to 70 MPH winds.

 Thank Jesus, no not our gardener, the Lord. Wish he could have helped other folks as well as he did for us. 


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I wrote a big write up about the usps shitheads. no mail since the 8th of Sept, weather since sunday has been fine. I have been about all over, The USPS shit hole closed for some unknown reason. I used to work for the usps in ct, back in college,. We showed up at work 10 pm till 4 am and the delivers always went out, remember the theme snow rain hail etc, will not stop from my rounds.   AND THATS when then did their routes on foot.

 these lazy fucks have been off for 10 days.

Schools, i'm not going to even start , i hope they make them go to august.  we had a "frost " last winter and schools , government buildings , and yes the US post office, off for two days. A frost, wtf. no wonder the south is so .... ok not going there. maybe i did.*ninja* .

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