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Hemituner ATCO Modern Street HEMI Shootout Nov 3, 2018

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10/30 Update:

I know I've been ducking all the questions about what the plan is and its for obvious reasons: too early to worry about it.  So here is where we are at.

Friday rental is still a go but looks iffy at best.  It is what it is and wont be decided til that day so plan on showing up first thing Friday until you hear otherwise.

Friday is the big drop off day, please bring your cars and trailers etc... to ATCO Friday regardless of your participation in the rental or its status.  Get teched and checked in for Saturday in the process.

Friday after the rental or 430pm or so is the VanDrake Racing Welcome party at the ATCO bar and grill located on the track premises!!!  Be there.  We have arranged bus transportation back to the hotel afterwards with return trips Saturday morning so you dont have to drive!

Friday night after the party, we have reservations at the Library Steakhouse next door to the host hotel.  930pm

Saturday morning we go to the track via bus from hotel with 2 pickup times, this will save you time and not have to wait in line at the gate.

Saturday looks solid.  If we are unable to complete our program due to uncontrollable circumstances ( see what I did there ), we will finish up Sunday at ATCO.  It will be busy but we will get it in.

Please dont worry, just come and you will have a blast!

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Update 11/1:

Fridays rental is cancelled. 

*Friday please come to ATCO to tech in and setup for Saturdays race.  Also can allow you to save your spot in the pits.

*Friday at 5pm at the ATCO track bar and grill is the VanDrake Welcome Party, be there.

*Saturdays race is still a go and we will finish up on Sunday if we have to.  All signs are looking solid

*See you soon and safe travels.

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