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93 vs 109 in the Hellcat

I've been testing 93 vs 109 in the Hellcat, stock tune, pulleys, etc.  I've been seeing a .15 to .20 difference in ET and about 2MPH gain.  I had hoped it would run as strong on 93 and I could save the $90 on cans of 109, but the car shows 3-4 deg of STKR on 93, especially if the DA is above 900 or so.  

Every time I go to the track people don't believe the car is pretty much stock.  No tune, pulleys, etc.  I tell them it's tires, wheels, and a driveshaft and welcome them to look it over.....guess a lot of people out there with Hellcats not doing the business or something?  Greg does tease me and say this car was built on a Friday and is a "good" one LOL.



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I'll probably never see that kind of DA again lol  What I've found is that once you get in to negative DA, the car will run about the same on 109 or 93, but anything positive DA and the car will pick up about 2/10 on race gas.  Mike had Orange Krush setup on about 20 degrees of timing on 109.  The Hellcat comes from the factory tuned for 91 octane set to 18-20 degrees!  Pretty crazy.

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