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Trailer got rear ended at a stop light

Coming home from a good day of TNT, some guy rear ended me going about 50mph.  He wiped out the back of the trailer and pushed the drag car all the way to the front.  Trailer was insured, race car is considered personal property if I file on his insurance.

This all happened 180 miles from home and that's where trailer and car are at.  It's been sitting at a truck and trailer repair/towing yard for a week now.  My insurance says they have nobody in the area that can assess damage on a trailer!  His insurance is dragging their feet, don't want to do anything.  Repair yard can do both estimates, but doesn't want to, too much of a bother.  He'd rather let it sit there and collect storage fee, easy money.  The max insurance will pay out for car and trailer is $25,000.  What a nightmare!  And I thought racing was supposed to be the dangerous part!


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17 minutes ago, Renfrick1 said:

Get a lawyer

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Get a really good lawyer that’s an asshole. You’ll be glad you did. 

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Well, now for the good news: He has insurance.

But the tow yard they took the trailer to is owned by the greediest bastard I've ever seen!  The insurance Co. called him Tuesday after the accident to see if he would write the trailer estimate and he flat refused.  So I got MY insurance company on the case and they called him to tell him they were sending someone to come move the trailer to a place that would do the estimate.  As soon as they told him that he changed his tune and offered to do the estimate, but not before it sat there a few more days collecting storage fees.

I borrowed a flatbed to drive the 180 miles from my house to Ennis to get the car and strip the trailer of anything that could still be used.   All I had to get the car out onto the flatbed was a come a long.  He saw what was going on and offered to have his guy pull it out and put it on the flatbed, which took 10 minutes.  When I thanked him for doing that, he told me he would add the charge for that to the bill!

...and the insurance co. STILL hasn't seen an estimate from him, all the while he collects storage fees.

Frankly I'm amazed that the only front end damage seems to be a small hole in the plastic of the grille.








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1 hour ago, CruzKing said:

holy shit, did that total your car?

Only body damage, no frame or mechanical damage.

57 minutes ago, Hemi57 said:

Did it break the tie down strapes?

It broke one of the tie down straps in the back.  The D ring pulled out of the floor on the other one.

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