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2010 Challenger P0052 Heater Control Circuit High (Bank 2, Sensor 1)

Hello all. It's been a while since I've been around. A couple life changing events pulled me away from cars for the last couple of years. I'm now back at it, trying to get my Challenger back in order.


I've run into a bit of a snag and my local resources aren't what they used to be. I posted this problem up on LX but no reply. I realized today that I should have just come here for help.


My car is a 2010 Challenger SE with a motor/trans swap to a 6.1/NAG1. The motor is stock with a Magnuson supercharger pumping out about 11 pounds of boost with a 3K stall converter and SHR trans build. My exhaust is a bit custom, 3" tube with rodded out CATS, X pipe and turbo mufflers. The exhaust has been off a few times to swap the trans and rear end. All was well and has been for about 60000 miles. No ECU related issues/no codes/no check engine light/ect.

Last week I pulled the exhaust to swap rear ends and install a DSS aluminum drive shaft. To drop the exhaust I disconnected the 4 stock O2 sensors and the sensor for the air/fuel gauge. No biggie.

After swapping all the junk over, I wrapped it all up, reprogrammed the ECU for 3.91 gears, warmed up the motor and went for a quick test drive. About 10 miles. I hit triple digit speeds a couple of times. No issues. No check engine light.

Driving surface streets to work the next day...DING...check engine light. Pulled over, plugged in my tuner tool and got code P0052 Heater Control Circuit High (Bank 2, Sensor 1). I cleared the code to see if was just a hick up but it came back immediately.

After work, when the car was completely cooled down, I cleared the code and it stayed clear. After about 15 miles, engine temp at 190, DING, light and code again.

I had a new O2 sensor on hand so the following day I changed it and cleared the code. Same result. After about 15 miles, DING, light and code.

The tune has also been completely reloaded a couple of times to rule it out.

I'm running a reprogrammed OEM 09 PCM. All the O2 sensors were replaced 5ish years ago and are Bosch part number 15510.

I'm kind-a stumped and feel dumb. All my research points to the PCM but that seems odd. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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You say that you have a a/f gage
Did you mix up what sensor you put there?
Stupid but did you make sure there plugged all the way in?
Wires not touching anything and maybe got burnt??

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Following back up on this.


Turns out a pin came loose in the harness connector. It was next to impossible to notice do to the way out of reach location of the connector. Very weird but all worked out.


Thanks all. 

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