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Diablo iTune3 and Lease Warranty

Hello Everyone,


I'm brand new here and I have a question.  I've already looked through the posts and didn't see anything.  

I currently have a 2018 Charger RT.  I want to get a Diable inTune 3 with and unlocked PCM.  My car is a lease and I WILL be buying when lease is up.  Will going this route void the warranty?

Does anyone have this?  What are your thoughts?


Thanks in advance


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Definitely a warranty killer...If you leave the unlocked PCM in they will know it is modified...if you swap the original unlocked PCM back in they will know it has been out because the stored mileage in the PCM will not match the car..

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Don't do it.

I never understood why anyone would mod a leased car with bling or performance parts. Especially on the off chance you may turn the car in at the end of the lease.

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