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Go Man Go Hurt.....



Those paying close attention have noticed these recent videos were filmed a couple of months back. Well here's why. My plan was to have these release leading up to ChallengerFest, but we had a bit of an issue during testing a couple weeks before the event. The car was already fixed at CF10 for those that saw it though.

More to come on diagnosing and fixing so stay tuned, it's gonna get interesting. I'll tell ya what it wasn't, and you guys can guess what it was ;). It's definitely something major so I'll give that as a hint.  Those that noticed at CF10, please keep it on the down low :)

It wasn't the tune.
It wasn't the 2.72 pulley.
It wasn't the fuel.

This was on the exact same setup as last track test on the Hoosiers, the only change was to the Mickey Thompson ET Street R tires.

Of course I'll show exactly what happened so others can have some knowledge. That'll be coming in the following weeks.

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It's bigger than axles or rear end.  Definitely wasn't something I expected to find.  I'll get in to it in next week's video.  

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I need to know now if it’s the Flux Capacitor. I have an EB 2 (early Mr. Fusion model). I don’t need a catastrophic failure.  


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