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DIY Wiper Blade Refills

After 3 years I decided that I needed new wiper blades on my Scat Pack. So, off to my local O'Reilly's Auto Parts. Dang, $29 a pop for non-OEM blades that may or may not work. I just happened to be in Wally World with my wife and went to check out their wiper blade selection. They had a bigger selection price-wise but still a universal fit. IE - you have to use the right adapter. So, now I am down to searching the internet. I found a Dodge deal Grapevine, TX, just north of me, that had OEM versions for $20 apiece. I ordered them, had them in 2 days and installed in 5 mins.
OBTW - Refills where not to be had.

OEM Wiper Part Numbers
wiper blade diy 00.jpg

Now that I had the new blades I decided to see if I could find replacement rubber refills. Low and behold I found them on Amazon. Yes, they are made and shipped from China. But, the real deal here is a pair of 26" 8mm wide only costs $4.99. I ordered 1 set to test. Shipping is really slow. Why did I order the 26" version? The Scat has a 24" passenger side wiper and a 21" driver's side wiper. Remember they come in pairs and the cost difference is like 20 cents. 

Replacement Wiper Refills
wiper blade diy 07.jpg

It takes all of 30 mins to remove the old wiper rubber and replace them with new rubber. You just need a small screwdriver to release the rubber from the blade and a razor knife or side cutters to cut the new rubber to length.
wiper blade diy 01.jpg

Step 1 Remove the old rubber with a small screwdriver.
wiper blade diy 03.jpg

wiper blade diy 04.jpg

Step 2  remove the metal mounting rails and cut the new rubber to size.
wiper blade diy 05.jpg

Step 3 Insert the mounting rails in the new rubber and re-install in the wiper blade
wiper blade diy 06.jpg

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