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Noobie's Ultimate Guide To Performance Mods

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Did you even read the title of this thread? Here's a hint: It's not 'ultimate supercharger selection guide'.



Well thats good because I didnt limit my list to superchargers, there are turbos and nitrous cars in that list as well. The thread is labeled "Performance Mods" and last time I checked, that included superchargers, turbos, and nitrous. Now rather than taking someones opinion on what they like best, they can see for themselves who is actually fast and not just talking smack.

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Im thinking no Sc'er just 20 catch cans all in series thats good for 100 hp isnt it.. lol



Yeah,I have to run 4 of them due to all the blowby my motor has.


Lmfao!!!!!! JK Andrew.lol

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Here is a true indicator of performance



1 Tim@Mr.Norm's 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Turbo

2 9SECSRT 2008 Dodge Charger SRT8 Procharger

3 E_Rosa 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8 Vortech

4 BuilderBill 2007 Jeep SRT8 Turbo

5 HEMI~C~ 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Vortech

6 Chris@LPM 2006 Jeep SRT8 Turbo

7 Big AL G 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Turbo

8 The Colonel 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Procharger

9 SRT5939 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Kenne Bell

10 Jack SickSRT 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Kenne Bell

11 robsrt 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Nitrous

12 gsochallenger 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Vortech

13 Donnaalfalfa 2007 Dodge Charger SRT8 Turbo

14 1BAMFR 2007 Jeep SRT8 Turbo

15 FlyByU 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8 Nitrous

16 lou1355 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Procharger

17 BBoyPersia 2006 Dodge Charger RT Kenne Bell

18 Trojan 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Kenne Bell

19 Ups-Charger 2006 Dodge Charger RT Roots

20 BlueBee 2008 Dodge Charger SRT8 Nitrous

21 Adam@S.T. 2009 Dodge Challenger Kenne Bell

22 1FST4DR 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8 Nitrous

23 SMOKIN5.7 2006 Dodge Charger RT Kenne Bell

24 bklynmag 2005 Dodge Magnum RT Paxton

25 WEWSRT8 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8 Kenne Bell





Kenne Bell: 7

Turbos: 6

Nitrous: 4

Procharger: 3

Vortech: 3

Paxton: 1

Roots: 1


I think this is a silly way to compare performance. Just because car A has a procharger and car B has a turbo and car A is faster that doesn't mean that the Procharger (or whatever fill in the blank) is the better product. This is very misleading.


There are WAY too many variables to say one power adder is really "faster" than another.


In that list above there are all manner of motors, mods to those motors, etc. It is the full setup that is faster not the power adder alone.


The real way to tell is to have similar cars with similar motors running different FI setups on the same track same day......kinda like we did at CF2. Guess what....they were all about the same speed given the same mods regardless of blower used.


The evidence has shown that if you strictly want a fast 1/4 mile car then turbos are the way to go with centrifugal superchargers a close second. The positive displacement blowers, while I personally find them more fun to drive around every day, are harder to launch due to the 100% boost off idle which equates to boat loads of torque as soon as you step on the loud pedal.


Turbos are also nice because you can adjust boost on the fly. Say you have two tunes, one street for 93 octane and one strip for MS109. The 93 octane tune is set or 8psi or whatever and then your race tune on MS109 is set for 12 psi. A few clicks of a button and viola you can switch back and forth.


The only downside I find with turbos is all the oil lines and piping involved and the heat they generate in the housings. Seems like more failure points to me, but I always think of things in engineering perspectives of what can break.

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well toofart, I appreciate the write up....the last car I hotrodded was a 69 barracuda so the high tech cars are a new beast for me and I am very glad to read an honest catch can opinion....plus I like everyone bustin your balls


jack wagon for a title??? thats lame....who the fuck is the admin around here, I want dark helmet


You're welcome :)

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Lookin' good! I would've loved to stumble across this early in my Challenger's life.  You can tune out the skip shift?! WTF did I jack my shit up for and crawl underneath to plug that dongle in for?


FWIW, Johan mentions catch cans in his data logging instructions for custom tunes.  I don't think they're pure snake oil, maybe a little Royal Purple mixed in :)  Regardless, I ended up making my own with an air compressor water/air separator for peanuts, and that sucker gets halfway full every oil change. 

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Ok 2 questions? (1) If I just run straight pipes from the differential back with the (exhuast tips put back on). Will I need to retune (2010 Challenger RT) with a Diablo? etc....  (2) Can you get rid of that stupid skip shift without a tuner? I absolutely hate it!

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No you will not need a tune if you remove the resonators at the rear of the car.  Yes, you can get rid of the skip shift without a tuner by installing a skip shift eliminator.  Its a small device that plugs in the transmission.  Cost is $20ish from your favorite hemi supplier and install takes about 2 minutes if you have the car on a lift. 


Skip shift eliminator with pictures.

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Gotta agree wid Vigina this time, tires before catch can stockers suck, hop like jackrabbits, changed mine on my lowly SE first week, and didn't need a CC! ;)

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