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Cam & Heads Selection (Help!!)

I've reached a point where I'm ready to move forward with my engine so I have more to share at CF3. Current performance mods include:

-ARH long tubes

-180 JET thermostat

-Meisterschaft cat-back w/o cats


-Arrington 90mm nitrous-ready throttle body

-Brisk plugs

-150 shot nitrous

-Intake is currently off and getting Stage-3 porting by Modern Muscle Performance


-Custom tune by AJ


I'll be ordering my cam in a week when payday gets here, current selection is an Arrington ST-3A. It was a tough choice between this and the Inertia SRT-Max they seem pretty closely matched), but the ST-3A has a longer exhaust duration which should help when running nitrous to get the exhaust gases more thoroughly evacuated.


As for heads, I'm strongly considering sending my stock heads to Inertia for their Premium Big Valve Head work and adding the ceramic coating the the chambers and valve heads due to the higher chamber pressures when running nitrous.. Will let them decide which springs would be best for the ST-3A's higher lift profile.


I suspect rwhp numbers around 450hp without the nitrous, and high 500s with the nitrous.


I was planning to farm out the cam adn heads, but found a wonderful 2-part document late last night that makes it sound like something I'm not afraid to tackle in my garage over the next month. Going to hate wrestling those Stage 8 locking clips back off the header bolts... gosh I dread that.


I REALLY appreciate anyone's input regarding my parts selection.

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You're right about the 450rwhp peak.


I can't speak for the Arrington cam (225i/234e), but for the Inertia SRTMax (218i/223e), when dyno'ed with the SAE standard, between 4,000-5,500 rpm, you're looking at 395+ rwtq with a peak around the 415-420 range around 4,600rpm.


I mention torque because it gets my 4,190lb fat ass moving.

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