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Fire Extinguisher Bracket

Last year I saw a thread on CommieTalk by HemiSam regarding installing a fire extinguisher inside the car.




It reminded me of an incident way back in 1977 when my best bud was driving his 1967 Cougar GTA (390 auto) home from work. He had been messing with the motor and was driving it without an air breather. Long story short, she back fired and his engine was on fire. Pulls over, opens the hood and throws his nylon jacket over the flames. Jacket disintergrates so he runs into a restaurent to get a fire extinguiser. By the time he gets back to the car, a passerby is dumping SAND into the carb and puts out the flames. Needless to say.. I was drilling holes into the side of my trans tunnel on my RoadRunner the very next day for a fire extinguisher.


So.... I copied Sam... who got the idea from Karl (LowLife) and had one made with the assistance of Ironchallenger and Captalbator. It's the first one (prototype). Once installed in the car I noticed I could trim it down a bit. I will remove two inches from the width and one inch from the length. It's all aluminum and the mounting block is helicoiled.


If this piece interests you let me know. I will have it made and brought down to CF3. All you have to do is supply your own fire extinguisher and drill the holes for the fire extinguisher mounting bracket.


All sharp edges are radiused and smoothed out. The bottle clears the legs of your passenger too.


I don't know the price just yet. More orders equals less $$$. Please don't ask me to ship. I am not a shipper/receiver. I will bring to you at CF3.








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Looks great, Stevo & IC.


For those on the margin, I recommend it. Never remove mine from the passenger side foot well and it doesn't get in the way. Always there should I need it. got if for the TX Mile, but frankly, it's a nice safety measure and it looks kick butt.


vroom vroom...



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Looks great stevo and Iron!!! I didn't wanna drill holes in the floor so I came up with that design and had my buddy machine the back for me. He was supposed to make a batch but never got around to it. I highly recommend people getting this for there cars, you never know when you'll need it.

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