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I Am Now The New Record Holder Of The Worlds Fastest V6 Dodge Challenger!

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Hell yeah! Thats rockin on for a V6. So how much boost are you running with the 100 shot?

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This supercharger I ran with produces a little over 8lbs of boost. My new SC which I had to send back for repairs as it was a super powerdyne produces over 9lbs of boost and hopefully more when I get it back because it was defective. It was a 96 degree day (feels like 104) according to the weather channel app. Two reasons why in cooler weather and the new sc, I'll be in the 11's. I also had traction control on. When I went to the staging lanes my check engine light was on for some reason. I said well damn I'm here now let's do it. After getting back in the pits and restarting the car it went away.


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