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6 Speed Top Stick

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Way to step up, Jay!! We'll be gentle on her, promise.



I was just joking with Williams. I am still game for volunteering.


Anyone that's on the list above that's at Challengerfest can run my gal... and then we can learn who the better driver is. lol Only mods will be headers, exhaust, CAI, t-stat, and drag radials. So it should be like the IROC of Challenger owners. :)


Maybe some of the auto drivers like Mike or John would want to take a crack at it too?

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Thanks everybody. I just needed a bit of traction and giving up on the Invos was a wise decision. I had one run where my MPH was almost 120. I think it has to do with when I shift so I need to figure that out as well next time.


I was exhausted last night after I got home. I think all the adrenalin drains ya.


Those M&H tires are awesome. Very little rubber fling and they don't take long to heat up. When brand new they need to be scrubbed in a bit. My first run they spun a lot. Much better on the 2nd run and by the third they hooked like glue.


After yesterday I don't think I need a line lock. I just pulled up to the water box, blipped the throttle in first to spin the tires over then eased forward about 2 feet out of the box. Then I shifted to 2nd gear, let the clutch out and floored it until the tires spun up, then backed off the throttle and just modulated it to stay off the rev limiter. The car sat absolutely still spinning the tires until they were sufficiently heated and they'd start to grab and move the car forward. Once that happened I'd just push the clutch back in and coast up to the staging line.


That last run I bogged the car pretty bad, so I definitely need to luanch at a higher RPM and probably could shift just a bit faster as well.


I was hoping I'd get to line up next to a GT500. The guy came over and started talking to me about the car in the staging lanes. I hate to pop the hood when I'm lining up, but did to let the engine cool some since this was a hot lap run. It always starts conversations and honestly I just wanted to focus on what I needed to do. The GT500 was next to me and it was looking like we were gonna get to run and I've always wanted to see how my Challenger would do against one of those.


As we got close to the water box he backed up and pulled in behind me lol. I guess he didn't wanna get beat. He said he'd been runnign 12.3s pretty much all day. He had NTO5 DRs on the car.


On the way to the track we came across a Camaro SS. We were about 3 miles from the exit so I pulled along side. The guy punched it and I didn't even have time to shift down from 5th, I just floored it and never saw him again LOLOL. I look in my rear view and I see LUVMYRT pull up beside him and lay waste to him as well. Poor guy didn't know what hit him.


All in all a good day.


P.S. - I love this Challenger. I got a 10' pop up tent, 2 drag radials, fold out chair, pump, tool bag, cleaning gear, cooler, electronic gear, etc all in the car with room for two passengers to boot. Lets see a Camaro or Mustang do that.

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Ran a personal best today folks. I'm too tired to get the slip posted but Mike can vouch for me I sent it to him with my phone today leaving the track.


Made three passes and finally got the hang of the burnout on the last pass.


Invos on the front at 40psi M&H DRs on the back at 20psi on Cobra R Wheels


1.829 60'

12.036 @ 118.26


I was so closed to the 11s I could smell it. I just need to launch a bit harder. The M&Hs solved my traction problems, but now I need to learn to launch the car without bogging it down. Today's launches were in the 2,000 RPM range. Next time I'll try 3,000.


Amazing I shaved 8/10ths off my time with a small investment in DRs and wheels.



Drag radials were worth the investment! Congrats Jay! I'm not sure how much you need to slip the clutch, but it may be possible to get into the high 1.7x's for 60'. A couple of guys have done it N/A, the launch is very different N/A than with a supercharger apparently. I'd guess the stock clutch wont stand for a high rpm (4500+) launch at full throttle with your setup and sticky tires.

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I had a chance to run some numbers for you guy's to see , there are some varibles that can be thrown in, but in most cases they seem to match what I have seen. The standard numbers used were.

weight 4200

tire size 28"

number of shifts 4 auto 5 stick

gears 3.06 auto and 3.91 stick


In the results the auto's and 6 speeds had the same times


Hp 60' time ET MPH


500 1.65 11.84 113

600 1.55 11.14 120

700 1.47 10.58 127

800 1.41 10.12 132

900 1.35 9.73 138

1000 1.31 9.40 143


My point is that every level of Hp has it's own top stick


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Way to go, J! you'll have that 60-ft at 1.6 in no time and be spankin' the 11's stick record. Glad to hear you and your girl made it home safe after a day of fun. Those M&H's look to be the supa shizzle!



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