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Just Bought A B5 6 Speed 2010 Srt8.....wrecked

I just bought a 2010 Challenger SRT8 at auction. It had a lighter impact (did not blow the airbags) on the passenger front corner. My requirements were: B5 Blue, 6 speed, and no sunroof. This one came up at the insurance auction and I have been chomping at the bit, because the only other 6 speed B5 SRT8 I've seen at auction was a New York flood car and I wasn't going to touch something with saltwater damage. I bid more than I intended, but a car with those requirements is hard to find. It will look good when it's sitting next to my B5 70 Barracuda with a 6.1 and 6 speed (in about 3 years)!!!


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Nice score. They wrote that off?


Good luck on the rebuild.



I think if the owner makes a big enough deal out of it, the insurance company will total just about anything. Some people flat out refuse to drive repaired stuff.

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