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Member Since 12 Jan 2011
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Fuel System Question

16 March 2017 - 03:27 PM

I've got the Fore dual pump hat with twin 255LPH GT supercar pumps.  Silent and works great.


I've been thinking of something extra and checked fuel pressure at the rail.  I have a sensor on the driver side at the threaded port in the rail connected back to my Aeroforce analog input 2.  At idle I'm seeing 62-63psi.  At WOT I'm seeing 52-53psi.  Stock fuel lines all around, no return, no nothing.  


I think that's enough overhead for another 100 or so HP without any fuel system changes.



Water Meth Injection Stuff

13 March 2017 - 12:44 PM

For those curious, here's a water meth injection setup I did on the supercharged 4Runner.  Picked up a TON of timing and was able to add an add'l 1.5 pounds of boost via smaller pulley.  The TRD supercharger (aka Magnuson) I have on the 4Runner is NON intercooled, so this was a great upgrade.  The 4Runner also can NOT be tuned directly, so you have to manipulate variables that then affect the factory tuning.  Doing this caused the PCM to add about 7 or 8 degrees of timing and I'm now at 11psi of boost :)  Easily 300RWHP and 300RWTQ and a very peppy ride.  


Not sure I'd put this on a car with a proper tune and intercooler, but was a fun, and cheap, project.  Good bang for the buck on this ride.  


This is part 1.  I'll post part 2 next weekend.



4runner_wm_injection_web_09.jpg    4runner_wm_injection_web_14.jpg


4runner_wm_injection_web_07.jpg    4runner_wm_injection_web_18.jpg

Need A New Helmet

12 March 2017 - 12:24 PM

My o'l faithful Shoei helmet from back in my motorcycle riding days finally crapped the bed at the end of last season.  The foam liner literally disintegrated and got all over the place, in my hair, in the car, everywhere.  I tossed it in the trash after my last pass.


Looking at new ones and I think I like the Simpson offerings.  I need to see if a local shop has any I can try on for sizing.


I was eyeballing this one:


Simpson Super Bandit = SA2015 certified, gonna get Flat Black in color:




Or this one which is just the "Bandit" and save $100 or so bucks.  I'm not sure what the difference is?




Finally considering this Street Bandit, which I believe is a motorcycle helmet as it is M2010 certified.  Good enough for drag strip, but "might" limit me if I ever wanted to do mile racing as their rules require SA2015 (Thanks Sammy for that).  I liked it for the better visibility.  I don't understand why the Mile folks wouldn't support a motorcycle helmet, seems you're more likely to get a head injury on a bike.


This one is cheaper by about $150, so maybe the ones above do have some extra "stuff".  I'm gonna do some reading up this week to make a decision, but curious what you guys know?





Speedy's Garage Mascot

12 March 2017 - 12:13 PM

My black lab passed away a couple years ago and it took me a while to get over that.  We'd had her 14 years.  Came a long this sweet girl and decided to adopt her.  She's a Gerberian Shepsky half German Shepherd and half Siberian Husky.  Super smart, energetic, and really affectionate.  She's fearless and air tools, compressor, loud banging, etc don't bother her and she loves hanging out with me in the shop while I work on the cars.  My lab didn't like the noise, so it'll be cool to have her out there with me.  She's about 5 or 6 mos old now and just got spayed on Friday,which seems to have calmed her down a bit, or she's still recovering from the anesthesia lol



Challengerfest 8 Event Ts!

11 March 2017 - 03:07 PM

Get your CF8 Event T's here!  !!Deadline Friday March 31, 2017 12PM NOON CST!!


This year to make things more simple, all shirts are $16 pre-order.  They will be $20 at the event.  I sell out every year so if you want to guarantee your size, pre-order and save a few bucks.


They will be grey with the CF8 logo on the front and black sponsor logos on the back.




Speedy 1xLG 1xM PAID

BayoutTiger/BayouTigress 1x3XL 1xLG PAID

WilliamsRT 1xXL 1xSM PAID

LuvMyRT 1xXL 1 x LG PAID

CruzKing - need size PAID


Wesley E XL 1 William B XL 2 Clark M XL 1 Michael C 3XL 1 Kevin O LG 1 Kevin D 2XL 1 James S 3XL 1 James S LG 1 James S M 1 Mark S 3XL 1 Mark S 2XL 2 Mark S XL 1 William M 2XL 1 Michael W XL 1 Jenny B LG 1 Jenny B XL 1 Rob F 2XL 1 Michael O 2XL 1